I haven’t been writing and I’m okay with that

Courtesy of ‘The Garden of Words’ by Makoto Shinkai

Still here, still plugging away at the final revision pass-through for Diwa & Kaffi, so there’s not too much to report at the moment. However, I think I can safely say that I really haven’t written anything new for quite some time.

And I’m actually okay with that.

It’s not a dry spell, because I have a few projects that I can easily work on. I’ve been continuing to write in my journal and do a bit of small creative things here and there. This is different; this is a moment in my writing career where I can take a break from it and not worry that I’m losing my craft. I’ve proven to myself that I can get it back given time and inclination, I just chose to focus on personal things for a little while.

In retrospect, I think this is actually a good thing, because I haven’t given myself a real break since I started the Great Trilogy Revision back in…2011 or so? That’s a long time. Three years of revising those books, three more years of revising them again to prep them for self-publication, and a few more years of writing three more novels. It’s been an extremely creative and productive decade, that’s for sure.

I think can give myself a bit of a mental break.

What will I focus on? Oh, I have all sorts of things. Finally work on my music and my artwork a little more seriously, for starters. It feels good not to be at full acceleration mode on a daily basis. Get outside more. Get to know more people. See and explore new and different things. Focus a little more on life things instead of creative things.

I have no idea when this hiatus will end, but it sure feels good not to give myself a deadline for the first time in years!

Fly-By: No really, I’m still here, just going on hiatus

*Writing Cat is ded from edits*

Apologies for the lack of substantive posts lately.  The Day Job hasn’t been insanely busy, but it’s been consistently busy, which means I have not had a moment to pop online and do any posting.  Plus I’ve been doing a lot of offline and personal things well, so I don’t always have the time to pop in and post.

And yes, I’m still editing.  That’s going to be a while. *sigh*

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now, and it’s high time I act on it.

I’m going to take a little time off and think about what I want to do with this blog.  Of course I’d like to keep it going, but it seems to have lost its direction.  Or more to the point, I never gave this blog much of a direction other than posting thoughts about writing and all the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes along with it.  One can only be a pantser for so long before one runs out of ideas and starts repeating themselves.

More importantly: I’ve been VERY lax with the business end of the writing biz lately as well, and that is not a good thing.

I have two books out there doing diddly because I haven’t been trying to sell them.  They’re just…out there. In a void.

And that needs to change.  I need to put them under the spotlight again.

Plus — and this is a BIG plus — I have some publishing-related plans that I’d like to put into action.  More on that at a later time, but for now, those plans need serious attention.


I’m not sure how long I’ll be afk, but I won’t be posting again, at least with any susbstance, at least until mid-August.  I may do a fly-by or two, but that’s about it.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.  I’m hoping I’ll be recharged and a hell of a lot more active when I return.

Y’all play nice while I’m gone, now.  🙂