About the Content

Hi there, and thanks for checking out my work!

The Mendaihu Universe is a future world I created for the Bridgetown Trilogy and other possible novels and stories. It’s continually expanding, warping and changing, and this is my website for all the information and reflection related to the Universe that may not be in the stories themselves.

All work here, unless otherwise noted, is © Jon Chaisson.

DISCLAIMER: Some of this work may lean towards the spiritual and the religious, but remember, this is just an ongoing work of fiction–my aim is decidedly NOT proselytism or conversion, and may or may not reflect the personal thoughts and beliefs of the author. If you feel the need to comment or question, or even want to banter about interesting ideas and thoughts about unconventional spiritual beliefs, by all means, feel free.

Header picture borrowed (and slightly cropped) from Daniel Cheong Photography.

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