About Bridgetown

Bridgetown is a sprawling megalopolis on the eastern coast of North America; it would most likely be situated somewhere midcoast, probably around present-day North Carolina.

Given the setup of future America, many of the larger cities have combined with other nearby suburbs to create Provinces.  Bridgetown is part of the NewCanta Province.  [Other well-known provinces on the east coast include Metronewyork and NewBoston.]  Many of the smaller outskirt towns have created their own smaller versions called Outposts.

The province was inspired by other real cities such as Tokyo, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and maybe a little bit of NeoTokyo, Metropolis and Gotham in there as well.  Visually it’s similar to Central Los Angeles, a relatively flat plain surrounded by many mountains.  Picture the view of that city from Griffith Observatory, only with many more metropolitan centers.

Bridgetown is subdivided into many Sectors: Pullock Street Heights, Berndette Corner, Glover Court, North End, West Brandenville, McCleever, Waterfront, Branden Hill, Main Street, Swope Heights, Fraserville, South City, Sachers Island, and South Shore.  Each Sector contains its own police and fire precincts, Supervisor offices, and community centers.

Each Province contains a large tower which is the central hub of its government and commerce.  In Bridgetown this is Mirades Tower, named after the Meraladian clan that assisted in the major shifts in economy and community to post-landing and interplanetary levels.  Mirades Tower is located in the center of Main Street Sector, and is the tallest building in the province.

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