Onward and Upward!

*barely contains squee*
*barely contains squee*

I’ll be honest, just the mere fact that I’ve already got over two hundred downloads at NoiseTrade Books makes me an incredibly happy writer.  Thanks to each and every one of you!  I went into this gig knowing I had a good book that I think people would enjoy, but had little to no idea how well it would go over.  Seeing that many downloads over the course of one week confirms that whatever I did with the book, it looks like I did it right!

So, where to go from here?  Well, the subject line has been a bit of a mantra over the last few weeks for me.  The behind-the-scenes work for a writer (and especially for a self-published one) has been that there’s no downtime at all.  We’re constantly moving forward.  We’re juggling the writing with the promotion with the Day Job with the other mundane yet important things in life.  And let me tell you, the schedule has been rather busy as of late!

Fear not, dear readers, I am working hard on editing the book’s sequel, The Persistence of Memories, and hope to have it released via the same channels by the beginning of next year.  I hope you’ll enjoy the second book; it’s my favorite of the three, and there’s a lot of interesting and surprising stuff that goes on within.  Heck, I may even give you some spoilers once I’m further along!

What else do I have on tap?  Well, I do have my music book/personal memoir Walk in Silence, and I’m aiming for a late April 2016 release date for that one.  There’s quite a bit of work to be done on that one, so it’s going to need some serious TLC this winter.  [For those of you unfamiliar, WiS is about my love for college radio and how alternative music shaped me over the last thirty years.  I talk more about it on my other blog of the same name.]  I’m also working on the next Mendaihu Universe story in my spare time.  That’s been put on a brief hiatus while I work on self-releasing the Bridgetown trilogy, but it hasn’t left my mind!  I will definitely return to it once I’m caught up with the production end of things.

So yes…onward and upward!  I’m busy, but in an awesomely good way. 🙂

HOLY CATS! I didn’t expect that!

So here I am on vacation at my old New England stomping grounds, and only just now have I been able to pull out my laptop and let you all know some nifty news!  As of today, A Division of Souls is a New and Notable Book on NoiseTrade Books.  I thought that was kinda neat that the lovely people at that site contacted me to ask if I’d be interested in such placement, so how could I turn it down?

[For those unfamiliar, NoiseTrade is a website that features e-books and music as a name-your-price setup.  I’ve used the site over the last few years for some great tunage and readage.  They’re also an excellent avenue for your self-published books.  You can find it here if you are so interested.]

So yeah, the unexpected moment?  Logging on to see how many hits and downloads.  Here I was, thinking that I’d get maybe a dozen or so people interested…maybe twenty or so at most.

As of about ten minutes ago, the download count is at 114.

Seriously, I had no idea it was going to get that much interest.  Granted, it got a flashy moment on the top graphic of the site, so the very first thing you see on the page is ADoS, in all its mysterious blue glory.  Which basically means I’m an impulse buy!  Hee!

Seriously, folks.  All of you who downloaded the book and are now checking out this here blog, y’all are too cool, and I thank all of you.  Once I am back from my vacation, I will do my best to keep you all informed and entertained with the upcoming newsletter (which I promise won’t have the frequency of, say, the Guided by Voices discography).

Thank you again.  I’m literally full of squee right now. 🙂

Fly-By: Returning the week of the 26th

Hey gang! Sorry to be so elusive here lately…Day Jobbery and preparing for next week’s vacation has been keeping me busy (not to mention Doing All the Editing in my spare moments), so alas, I have not been able to follow up with any posts on a reasonable schedule.

Man, I really hate 4th Quarter when it comes to the day job.  It completely screws with my writing schedule.  [Not to say I hate the job, per se…just the volume and intensity that messes everything up.]

Once I return from our vacation, everything should be back to normal.

See you then!

Editing the Beast

It never ends... *sigh*
It never ends… *sigh*

I feel like I’ve been editing the trilogy for half my life, to tell you the truth.  Sure, I’ve revised and rewritten it multiple times over the last decade, but there are days when I wonder if I’ve hit or gone past the point of Needing to Let It Go.

Well, to be honest, that’s one of the reasons I sent A Division of Souls out into the world already.  I knew that I went as far as I could with that as a whole; it did not need any more revision or rewriting.  The first edition might still be full of piddly errors, of course — a formatting error or a typo — but that can be easily (and quickly!) rectified by fixing them and uploading the newer version.  This is why I’m doing a galley edit before I set the physical book out into the world…that one needs a bit more fiddly TLC than an ebook, and I don’t want to kludge it.

Am I flirting with danger, doing everything DIY and not hiring an editor?  Well, maybe I am.  I’m sure I could use more than a few extra eyes to find egregious errors and lapses in judgment.  I won’t say I’m a special snowflake who thinks he’s above editors and beta readers.  I’m sure I could use them more often.  Perhaps on future works I shall do so.

At the same time, though, I’ve committed myself to seeing just how far I can go without the extra help.  It’s not me being a cheapass to save money, or making myself out to be some kind of indiepub wunderkind…or being subconsciously afraid that I actually might suck as a writer, and that someone will tell me so to my face.  It’s me wanting to learn the entire process, from start to finish, both as a writer and as ‘producer’, as it were.  I want to understand how to write a successful story, but I also want to know how to edit my own work.  I want to know how to make an eye-catching cover.  I want to know how to format the novel to different platforms.  I want to know how to release it into the world.  I want to know how to promote myself and my work.  And I’m willing to dedicate time and brainspace for all that.

It’s been a very instructive and busy couple of months so far.  At last count, I’ve had nine downloads since it went live a month ago.  That’s pretty small, but it’s actually more than I expected at this point in time.  [No, really.  I was honestly expecting crickets.]  This is a huge learning curve for me, but I’ve been able to ride it and learn from it.

Onward and upward!