HOLY CATS! I didn’t expect that!

So here I am on vacation at my old New England stomping grounds, and only just now have I been able to pull out my laptop and let you all know some nifty news!  As of today, A Division of Souls is a New and Notable Book on NoiseTrade Books.  I thought that was kinda neat that the lovely people at that site contacted me to ask if I’d be interested in such placement, so how could I turn it down?

[For those unfamiliar, NoiseTrade is a website that features e-books and music as a name-your-price setup.  I’ve used the site over the last few years for some great tunage and readage.  They’re also an excellent avenue for your self-published books.  You can find it here if you are so interested.]

So yeah, the unexpected moment?  Logging on to see how many hits and downloads.  Here I was, thinking that I’d get maybe a dozen or so people interested…maybe twenty or so at most.

As of about ten minutes ago, the download count is at 114.

Seriously, I had no idea it was going to get that much interest.  Granted, it got a flashy moment on the top graphic of the site, so the very first thing you see on the page is ADoS, in all its mysterious blue glory.  Which basically means I’m an impulse buy!  Hee!

Seriously, folks.  All of you who downloaded the book and are now checking out this here blog, y’all are too cool, and I thank all of you.  Once I am back from my vacation, I will do my best to keep you all informed and entertained with the upcoming newsletter (which I promise won’t have the frequency of, say, the Guided by Voices discography).

Thank you again.  I’m literally full of squee right now. 🙂

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