Fly-by: Currently on vacation 

Hi, gang! Currently hanging out in the LA area for a quick mini-vacation.  The above was taken on Santa Monica Pier, where I recorded some crowd sounds for the Lidwells project  (it’s a plot point about 2/3 thru the book) and even expanded on that particular thread in the process!  Win!

So yeah, we’ll be back up and running later this week!

Fly-By: London Calling


Oh, hi there! Yes, I am still here among the living. We’re currently staying in a nice quiet hotel in the Earl’s Court neighborhood of London, and we’ve been doing all sorts of sightseeing, museum visiting, and pub crawling the last few days.

I admit I don’t currently have any new posts at the moment other than this fly-by, but I have some things going in the background that I shall share soon enough. I’ve also been getting a decent amount of page count for the new MU story as of late.  It’s been a busy but fun vacation so far!

Talk to you soon, yeah?