Fly-By: Still here, just busy

Hey there!

Sorry I haven’t been able to update at all this week…I’ve had an extremely busy few weeks with Day Jobbery stuff — training, office visits, and whatnot — which has put a bit of a strain on my writing schedule.  You probably know already that I hate it when that happens, but it is what it is.  I was really looking forward to drawing and posting my next character sketches, too!

On the plus side, I’ve been using what writing time I do have on a new Mendaihu Universe story, which I am writing completely via longhand in a trusty 3-subject notebook.  I’ve also been working on a ‘secret project’ on my daily words as well.

[What’s that, you say?  What happened to Walk in Silence and Blogging the Beatles?  Well, long story short, let’s just say I was a bit, er, generous about my assumptions as to where I was in terms of having them finished.  WiS needs a major retooling and BtB is off the table for now, for various reasons I won’t get into at the moment.  The Curse of Announcing Best Laid Plans and all that.  Still–the shopping around of the Bridgetown Trilogy and related projects is moving quite nicely, so it’s not a complete loss.]


Due to said Day Jobbery stuff and multiple personal events going on, I will most likely not be able to make any updates here until at least after 7 April.  So hang tight, there’s more coming!   Thanks for waiting!

Look!  New words! Yay!
Look! New words! Yay!

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