Character Sketch in progress


I’m not entirely happy with this one, though I do kind of like how it came out. I’m a bit frustrated because I wanted to draw Amna Ehramanis (Denni’s best friend), but realized the person was looking more like an adult than a teenager, and Amna is supposed to be very petite. So halfway through I made some changes and kinda sorta drew Akaina Shalei instead. Although I think I got the face close, she’s actually much more muscular, and is supposed to have the Meraladian wide face that Caren and Denni inherited.

[Short version: Akaina Shalei is one of two Mendaihu adepts who offer assistance to Caren and Poe, right after the Awakening ritual. She and her brother Ashyntoya have worked together as adepts for years and are highly respected. I will most likely redraw her and add Ashyntoya as a double sketch next time out.  Also, the patch you see on her right arm is the Shalei clan sigil of two intersecting circles, which is also used by the Mendaihu to signify Lightwalking, or dual realities.]