Writing Stats: January

I’ll keep this short, but here’s the tally I got from my writing stats notebook:

— Daily words at 750 Words:   22,149 words over the course of 27 days; most being 1022, least being 750

— Daily journal: 19 total entries (word count not taken)

–Writing & Music Blogs: 11 total entries (word count not taken)

–Main Project Work: missed counting a few days, but on average about 4 out of 5 weekdays.  It’s been a mix of rereading, some revision, and new words.

Summary Comments:

The daily words are okay, but I’m a bit frustrated with the main project work output.  That’s to be expected, though, as I was doing a lot of refreshing: rereading what I had so far, making mental notes of things to be changed, and planning on where to go next.  At the same time the daily words haven’t been exactly throwaway; I’ve been working on a slightly different and much lighter project there.  The first half of the month started out strong, but petered out near the end.  This was partly due to social engagements, however.

Suggested Adjustment:

Stronger focus on the main project work output from here on in.  I’m well aware of a few problem sections that can either be rewritten or deleted altogether, as well as a second run-through for the ‘second side’ of the book.  Focus more on getting those daily words earlier in the day.  Continue with the habit of ‘getting it done early’ in regards to scheduled projects and whatnot; continue backing away from distractions.


Meets expectations, but could be better.

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